Philippe Starck chairs and Glorix, the English version

To my great surprise the past years I’ve had many many views, reactions and thank-you-e-mails on this blogpost. And they keep coming. Yesterday someone sent me an e-mail in English. He saw the picture of my extremely dirty chair and had the same problem. He was wondering what ‘Glorix’ exactly is. For him and other ‘foreigners’ who visit this page…

Glorix is a top brand of thick bleach in the Netherlands. Not so nice for the environment but throwing away good and expensive chairs isn’t either.

The recipe is that you don’t scrub them with the stuff as I had done before but

  • Put on old clothes and latex cleaning gloves!
  • Wet one or more chairs
  • Put on a thick, even and pure layer of the bleach with a sponge or brush
  • Do some surfing on the internet or take a nap for 15-20-30 minutes so the bleach can do the work
  • (if you’re curious take a peak every 5 minutes to see if the magic is happening)
  • Rinse and wipe off the swimmingpool smell
  • Repeat on the parts of the chair that didn’t get clean in the first round
  • Buy a new bottle of bleach if you used all of it
  • Enjoy the time and money you saved.